Saturday, July 20, 2013

Welcome to My Flashlight Blog!

Howdy ya'll.  I am a bit of a flashlight geek.  I do love all kinds of gadgets, but I really love all kinds of flashlights and torches.  If it makes light, I'm interested.

I'm so much of a geek that I can tell you about the differences between lumens and candela, and what the ANSI and IPX standards are for all sorts of flashlight characteristics.  Yep - I'm that bad of a dork.

Regardless, I am going to be talking all about the kinds of flashlights I like from the cheap to the silly expensive.  Think Fenix to Surefire.

I can't say that everything will be completely professional, but I will give you my honest view on the lights.  I'll also hook you up with some great news and reviews that I see on other sites too.


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